Stearns Wharf

Stearns Wharf is a ~2,000ft long wooden structure located in Santa Barbara, just east of the harbor. The wharf was built in 1872 to better facilitate the passenger and freight shipping industries. The building of the wharf negated the need to navigate through the kelp beds and shore break in order to reach land. The […]


Point Mugu

Point Mugu Beach has a different type of environment and scenery since I come from Los Angeles, California. Moving to Camarillo made me discover that there are places to explore other than the usual crowded destinations. This beach was the first one I ever visited in Ventura county. The peace I felt at this beach […]


Harbor Cove Beach

Since I couldn’t help but share what I’d learned in this class during my first blog trip, I decided the second should center around education. Even on the way to Harbor Cove Beach, I pointed to the gated dunes and explained to my brother that all the space between the ocean and these dunes, with […]


Cabrillo Beach and Tidepools

The first time I came to Cabrillo beach must have been in the early 2000s, primarily to look at the tide pools. The beach itself is smaller than the more popular beaches of southern California such as Santa Monica and the waves are not that large, due to a large offshore kelp bed. What the […]