Reenvisioning the CA imaginary

Javier Gonzales’s lecture in week 9 on Beach culture and perception inspired me to focus on my upbringing and the beaches I visited. I will be evaluating Butterfly beach through a cultural lens based on my personal experience and perspective. I think back to long summer days where my friends and I-before we could drive-were […]


Davenport Abandoned Pier

By: Matthew Tomlinson After doing a beautiful trip through Big Sur, I visited Santa Cruz. A friend who lived locally in Santa Cruz told me to check out Davenport beach which was about 40 minutes from Santa Cruz. I had no idea what to expect since I’ve never heard of this place and I was […]


Mondo’s Beach, Ventura

I visited Mondo’s yesterday, for the first time in a very long time, to surf with a coworker. The weather was great, about 70 degrees, a little overcast, and there were some decent waves. Almost no wind. I often avoid Mondo’s due to the large crowds that draws in, particularly this summer. Since it was […]

Blog 2

C. Street Overview

This time around I decided to focus on California Street using Surfline.com. Also, for those who haven’t used it yet, it’s absolutely awful. You can only watch it for 30 seconds at a time, it makes you disable ad-block, and then there’s a commercial break every 30 seconds. It’s slow and will drive you insane. […]


County Line

County Line’s name comes from it’s close proximity to the Ventura-Los Angeles County line. It is technically a half a mile north of the county line, but still holds the name. It is located across the street from Neptune’s Net, a popular beachside restaurant that is know for its large amount bikers on weekends. County […]