Reenvisioning the CA imaginary

Javier Gonzales’s lecture in week 9 on Beach culture and perception inspired me to focus on my upbringing and the beaches I visited. I will be evaluating Butterfly beach through a cultural lens based on my personal experience and perspective. I think back to long summer days where my friends and I-before we could drive-were […]


Santa Barbara Beach

In today’s post, I will be discussing Santa Barbara’s coastal development through the economic lens. Santa Barbara Beach is the tourist hotspot. Thousands of tourists each year bring in an enormous amount of economic value to this beach. The tourist attraction is due to the recreation activities that can be done here. There are surf […]


Stearns Wharf

Stearns Wharf is a ~2,000ft long wooden structure located in Santa Barbara, just east of the harbor. The wharf was built in 1872 to better facilitate the passenger and freight shipping industries. The building of the wharf negated the need to navigate through the kelp beds and shore break in order to reach land. The […]


Mudslides Make Waves

The infamous Thomas Fire that torched most of Ventura and Santa Barbara counties, left the soil vulnerable to mudslides. Unfortunately, after some rain in January, Montecito and surrounding areas experienced a traumatic event. The winter 2018 mudslides moved debris from inland and onto Highway 101. The governor declared a State of Emergency, and the way […]