A Beach Along the Snake River With an Engineering Lens

Continuing my goal of avoiding the crowded areas of the beaches along the California coastline, I decided for my final beach blog to post about another beach I visited near Yellowstone. This was another spot in which I fished. The river adjacent to my friends house in Jackson Wyoming is the Snake River this is […]


Avila Beach

For my second blog post I decided to explore Avila Beach. A couple reasons I chose this beach was for the surf friendly vibe and the well-known coastal access. I also chose to look at the beach through a geology lens in connection to waves and tides and an environmental lens in connection to coastal […]


Sandy Dune near Point Mugu

“The sea is smooth,” Ramo said. “It is a flat stone without any scratches.” My brother liked to pretend that one thing was another. “The sea is not a stone without scratches,” I said. “It is water and no waves.” “To me, it is a blue stone,” he said. -Island of the Blue Dolphins by […]