Davenport Abandoned Pier

By: Matthew Tomlinson After doing a beautiful trip through Big Sur, I visited Santa Cruz. A friend who lived locally in Santa Cruz told me to check out Davenport beach which was about 40 minutes from Santa Cruz. I had no idea what to expect since I’ve never heard of this place and I was […]


Coronado Central Beach

I will be viewing Coronado Central Beach from an educational and recreational lens. The beach is located off the west coast of the San Diego Bay. Coronado is technically an island. The island was created in the early 1940s from the dredging of San Diego Bay done to allow large ships used in World War […]


San Buenaventura Beach

Lens: Economic/Recreation San Buenaventura Beach was a different beach experience for me. Arriving at the entrance to the beach, there is a $10 fee to enter. This may be normal for a lot of people, but I believe this was a first for me to pay this much for visiting the beach. Perhaps this fee […]


Geology and Tourism in Cancun

Cancun is a Mexican City in the State of Quintana Roo and lies right alongside the Caribbean Sea. Famous for its white sand and turquoise waters, Cancun is a tourism hotspot. The image above shows the city of Cancun in the upper left (East), Nichupte Lagoon in the middle, and then Cancun’s beaches forming a […]


The Not So Loony Beach

Hello readers, the beach you are experiencing through my photographs is Point Loon Beach in Carpinteria. It is a beautiful stretch of sand that extends off of Summerland and wraps around Carpinteria. Point Loon is a secluded area surrounded by a ranch and houses. It is regularly used for recreation; including horseback riding, surfing, and […]


Beach Blog 2 – Port Hueneme

I visited Port Hueneme beach for a surf to check up on the conditions of the beach due to the local dredging that occurs there. I lived in Port Hueneme for about 4 years after high school and going back recently brought back a bunch of amazing memories for myself, including some of the best […]