Wasted Potential

Seaward Beach is a well known and well-used beach by Ventura locals. It is a favorite spot for its convenience and a large stretch of sand, which are becoming rarer every year. Its location right off a major exit of the 101 in the heart of Ventura is convenient and easy to find. Considered the ease with which a person can get to the beach, with no confusing directions or blocked off access by greedy homeowners, it is surprising that Seaward is not busier. In the 15 years, I have lived in Ventura I have always considered the spot a gorgeous stretch of beach that has been horribly mismanaged.

From a business lens, Seaward Ave has completely missed the mark. To understand how the area is being mismanaged let’s revisit the pros of the space and then examine the existing infrastructure within the space. For the purpose of this review, I shall just be discussing the block Seaward Ave closest to the beach. The pros of this area include palm trees, location, proximity to the beach, and ease of access. One would think when considering these factors that the area would be a block-long stretch of bars and restaurants. Instead, the street has a total of four restaurants, one bar, a 15 car parking lot, miscellaneous office buildings, a seedy motel, and an abandoned building. The only redeeming factors are the one bar and four restaurants, which are all in varying states of disrepair. However, even if the restaurants looked beautiful the sheer amount of random purpose buildings on the street give it a cluttered unorganized look. Seaward Ave has the potential to be the second main street of Ventura, where people come from out of town to enjoy the atmosphere, drinks, and food. Not only would this be a great boost to our city’s economy providing jobs and putting money in the form of tips in our local’s hands. It would also give Ventura another public area to be proud of, where recreation would flourish.

4 thoughts on “Wasted Potential

  1. Nicholas Klugow says:

    Hello Lewis,
    Thankyou for sharing your thoughts on Seaward Beach. It is a beach that I haven’t ever heard of; although I am not a local, I have been to Ventura many times and am surpised to have never heard of it. The beach is so wide and there is so much surface area of sand. I agree that there is wasted potential everywhere; under the right management that area’s economy could be booming. There is another side to this situation though; Seaward Beach could be so wide, beautiful, and prosperous beacause it’s not a heavily visited tourist destination.

  2. Cecilia Garcia says:

    Hi Lewis.
    I agree with you on your Lens. This little street has so much potential considering its walkable distance to the beach, yet it looks so run down. I definitely think this area would prosper with proper attention and maintenance. I especially admire your pictures and the analysis that you made. Its a really charming location it just needs some love!

  3. Grant Hassinger says:

    I will have to look at this beach next time I am in Ventura. I agree based on your pictures that that portion could be another area of commerce and beach culture in a more normal time. The beach looks very wide and should be a much more important part of the Ventura Economy.

  4. lydia.rios685@myci.csuci.edu says:

    I was going to start off with I loved the fact that you mentioned that the access to this beach is not blocked by greedy homeowners but it became quite obvious why that is. It is quite sad to let this beach with so much potential go to waste. I am sure the locals would appreciate it much more if more investment went into the refurbishment of the beach and its surroundings. The beach is where the heart of Ventura is located.

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