The Beach at Mugu Lagoon Inlet

(Biological Lens) I recently visited the Mugu Lagoon inlet, and I was impressed by both the solitude and abundant life I found there. Mugu lagoon is located at the mouth of the Calleguas Creeks, which is on Point Mugu Naval Air Station.  The lagoon itself is a sandy saltmarsh. It is the largest coastal estuary […]

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Sterling Reef Resort Beach

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 still being an issue I have decided to utilize another Beach webcam to do my observation for this blog. I decided to make my observations on Sterling Reef Beach in Florida. Since this beach was near a resort, I thought that I was going to see more people going by the […]


Huntington Beach

Cultural Lense This beach is known as Surf City, just as seen in the film Endless Summer Surfers still storm the beaches today during the pandemic Covid-19 has brought. Many come to check out the surf, and they normally would host an annual US Open for surfing in the summer, but that got shut down […]


Davenport Abandoned Pier

By: Matthew Tomlinson After doing a beautiful trip through Big Sur, I visited Santa Cruz. A friend who lived locally in Santa Cruz told me to check out Davenport beach which was about 40 minutes from Santa Cruz. I had no idea what to expect since I’ve never heard of this place and I was […]