Venice Beach Vibes

Los Angeles, California.

Would you believe me if I told you that I’ve lived in Southern California my entire life and I’ve never been to Venice beach until just recently? I knew what Venice beach looked like because of pictures I’ve seen of my friends while they were there. There’s also a few movies and tv shows that will use this specific beach for scenes. But nothing beats finally making the trip to go there and experience it for yourself. I am going to be using an artistic and multicultural lens to examine Venice Beach which is located in Los Angeles, California.

I decided to use an Artistic lens because it is filled with so many different forms of art. This beach is famous for its graffiti art and you could even catch someone doing a new piece of art while being there. Graffiti is nothing more than a form of art, there are many techniques used to make the spray paint come out a certain way that I will never forget. It was a very special thing to experience because it’s all a process: the outline, the pops of colors, the fonts , style, etc. I’ve never really thought too much about all of that when seeing a truck or bathroom stall written on (to be honest I find it really trashy of people because they are ruining someone’s property).  But seeing a big “bombing” as they call it, being done from beginning to end is so interesting. It gave me a new perspective on the graffiti artists that are talented and put meaning into their work, not for vandalism and gang affiliation that you typically see.

But the walls filled with graffiti is not the only type of art that you will find at Venice beach. Everywhere you go, the walls are filled with little snippets of history that make you feel as if you’re living in a completely different era. It definitely gives you a “hippie vibe” because everyone is just kind of doing their own thing. Moving onto why I chose a multicultural lens, because it’s probably the only place you will get to experience a group of people doing yoga, people smoking marijuana out in the open, women walking around in bikinis or rollerblading in bikinis, various street performers, merchants, all at once. Since Venice Beach is in Los Angeles, you will find there are people who come from many different cultures and they bring that with them to the beach. Everyone around you is making a statement about who they are through their fashion and personalities. 

Venice Beach definitely knows how to throw a party and give everyone a unique experience, especially if it’s your first visit. But if you’re not in the mood to do any walking or watch a man dressed as a Michael Jackson perform billie jean , then that’s totally fine. There is plenty of space where you can just lay out on the beach and soak up the sun and all that Vitamin D. No need to worry about taking snacks or refreshments because as long as you have a couple bucks you can buy yourself a slice of pizza,  LA street-style hotdogs, a cheeseburger, fish & chips, and the list goes on. The best part about Venice Beach is that it’s surrounded by so many different people, some are tourists and some are locals but you really wouldn’t be able to differentiate who’s who. Overall, I can’t believe that it’s taken me 26 years to finally come and visit this place! It definitely made me feel awake and alive again after spending so much time indoors due to the pandemic. But I’m glad I got the chance to before the current orders were put out because I don’t think the businesses are currently open. Los Angeles has much stricter regulations than Ventura County currently does but based off how many people were still out and about (with and without masks) it definitely makes sense.

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  1. says:

    That is something else that you’ve lived here in the SoCal area and never been to Venice beach. Melissa the pictures of the graffiti were really cool, I’m glad you finally got to go to Venice Beach and get a glimpse of the life style there, just a shame it has to be under these circumstances with Covid-19 and all. The second picture with the people out and about was alarming, due to non of them having a mask on. This class would have been better enjoyed if this pandemic was not prevalent. Great post and lens you used to capture the Venice setting.

  2. says:

    Hi there Melissa,
    I like that you decided to take an artistic lens on this blog post because I always thought of Venice Beach being more a tourist location. However, I never thought about how abundant it is when it comes to art. What I will always remember about Venice Beach is that they have performers who gather large crowds of people and do flips, comedy skits etc. This is also a form of art that I had not taken into consideration. Taking an art perspective on this blog makes a lot of sense given that there is so much abstract art throughout the main strip and even in the small streets nearby. However, interesting take on this post, this lens personally opened up a different perspective on my thoughts towards Venice Beach.

  3. Karina Sanchez says:

    Hello Melissa,
    I have lived in California the majority of my life and I also have yet to visit Venice beach. I have heard so much about it and I know its a really popular beach but I just haven’t gotten the chance to go yet. I really enjoyed reading your post and I liked how you focused on the artistic and multicultural lenses. It was really informative and now more than ever do I want to visit.

  4. says:

    I visited Venice when I was younger and that is probably why I didn’t appreciate the art as I probably would now. I definitely need to make the trip and experience it as an adult now. I would definitely also really appreciate the culture that comes with Venice beach. It would be a breath of fresh air from the sameness that comes with living in Ventura County. As for the graffiti, I know that it is a controversial topic. I personally like it strictly for the art, but I know that some people just see it as vandalism.

  5. says:

    Hey Melissa!
    Venice beach is an amazing beach to visit. I grew up going there with my family and skateboarding at the skatepark. It has been a huge inspiration to me as the Z boys all skated there. I also filmed a (horrible) music video for my highschool band on the boardwalk!

  6. christopher eltiste says:

    I have also lived in Southern California my entire life as well and have been to Venice many times. I think it is really great that you decided to use and take the artistic approach in your post because there is so much art in Venice. My favorite piece is the light up Venice sign!

  7. says:

    Hi Melissa,

    Venice beach is a one of a kind place to visit, Every trip when I venture up North I need to stop in Venice for a skate on the boardwalk and a run in the skatepark with friends. You see plenty of interesting personalities, art, and talent along the way. It’s a very inspiring place if you be, and many funny memories along the way.

  8. says:

    Hello Melissa,
    I have also lived in southern California my whole life and only been to Venice once. I didn’t realize how much art there is in Venice. The first and only time I went was cool, the beach vibe was amazing. It is so beautiful there, thank you for such a wonderful post.

  9. Lewis Adnan says:

    Hi Melissa,
    I am so glad you enjoyed your visit to Venice beach. I have been many times throughout my life, with it being a popular spot to go with my family growing up. I am so glad you added a positive spin to graffiti, which gets a bad rap when it does not necessarily deserve it. One of my close friends was spraying a graffiti mural and was confronted by an older couple who were awful and called the police after yelling at my friend who was hired to make it. Graffiti is an art and a lot of people do not respect it as such. I am happy you see the good in it.

  10. says:

    Melissa you have added some really great pictures. Thats very interesting to know its your first time ever being. But I can sort of see why while it is a fun place to be speaking for myself at times the crowed just simply isn’t worth it. Many times that I have been the street art always seems to amaze me. Individuals coming together putting their personalities into something different but colorful and kind of beautiful in a unique way. Awesome post really enjoyed reading your take on the art.

  11. says:

    Hey Melissa, I love that you chose Venice beach as your final blog post. I also love the particular lenses that you chose. I feel like Venice beach is definitely a very beautiful and culture rich place. The art that you showed was absolutely stunning, and I can’t wait to visit Venice beach again!! 🙂

  12. Ashley Allen says:

    Loved hearing about your experience going to Venice Beach for the first time. This is one of my favorite beaches for some of the reasons you described. I love seeing the artistic stuff in Venice Beach.

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