Harris Beach

Harris beach is located in the south western part of Oregon, Harris beach is a state beach that is near the town of Brooke inks the beach itself is made up and large bluffs and sea stacks. The park has camping access and there is tent or RV parking with hook ups. The normal weather here is rain and fog most of the year but you get an occasional good couple weeks of sunshine. The best part about this beach is how you can be in the middle of a coastal red wood forest one minute and take a short 10 minute walk and be right on the bluffs over looking the ocean. The sea stacks make up most of the view looking out at the ocean there is also a couple of sea arches. A good amount of  weather and erosion happens to these rock faces that helps break sediments down into the beach. The interesting thing is because the waves break apart the sea stacks it actually has formed a rather large area of tidal pools that stretch out along the beach. Because the tide pools are pretty much sourounding this beach it acts as a barrier protecting the shore and also helping the sand stay in place for a longer period of time 

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