Clearwater Beach

When I was younger, I would visit my aunt and uncle who lived right on the beach in Clearwater, Florida. I have many positive memories of the beach as a result for being so excited while seeing my aunt, uncle and older cousins who were extremely cool in my ten year old eyes (They are still alright now). They had a beautiful massive 17,000 square foot house with a huge backyard that came up to the shore of the Gulf of Mexico. They had boats and jet skis and the water was beautiful. I remember thinking my older cousin looked so epic pulling up on a jet ski as I hoped on the back. What I remember most was how warm the water was. It felt like bath water! I couldn’t get over this being used to Californias frigid ocean water. I was enamored with the idea of an ocean that was pleasant rather than painful to go in. When I was standing on the boat dock in their backyard a dolphin came right up to me a foot away and splashed my sister and I. This beach was not like the ones I was familiar with at all. There were sand barges peaking out of the water all over the place and a big sand island across the way the was connected to the main land by a large bridge. It was hot and humid and even the lizards were bizarre. They had frills that stuck up around their necks. This was much more exotic compared to the boring blue belly lizards I left back in California. This mirrored the environment as the whole state seemed to be more exotic than my home. Our families were another factor that mirrored this dichotomy between exotic and mild. My cousins family was larger than life compared to my seemingly normal family as they had their own TV show, were well known and my uncle had fans around the world. I have been to several beaches in Florida such as Daytona and Cape Kennedy and all of them are more unique than all the many beaches I have been to in California. The people at Florida beaches were just as interesting to look at as the odd wildlife to be honest. Clearwater Beach, all in all, has been my favorite beach I have been to for its unique qualities and the family memories I have connected to it. 

7 thoughts on “Clearwater Beach

  1. Alyssa Dearo says:

    Hey Britni. I love your post. Sadly, I have never been to Florida or visited their beaches but you definitely intrigued me with how you described it. I love that you shared how warm the water was. I have never been in water that is warm while on a beach. It’s always FREEZING in Cali so I am sure you really enjoyed that. I am jealous of anyone that lives on or near a beach, and to have a house that big? Wow that is amazing. The second picture looks like a pathway to heaven. It captures so much beauty.

  2. says:

    Hi Britni,
    Very cool post! I have heard about how Florida beaches are completely different in comparison to California beaches. However, I wanted to ask you if you believe the warm water and humid temperature attract more tourism towards Clearwater Beach? From your experience, have you seen many business-oriented locations along the coast of Florida when you would visit?

  3. says:

    Hello Brini! I hadn’t heard of clearwater beach until your post but I really enjoyed reading about it! I am super interested in real estate so hearing about your aunt and uncles 17,000 sqft house is awesome! It sounds like an awesome beach to visit!

  4. says:

    Your post was very cool! I have never been to Florida but I want to visit South Beach really bad because I heard it is so much fun! But the fact that Florida literally gets swallowed by the ocean every other year scares me a lot. I really enjoyed reading your post though so good job!

  5. Lewis Adnan says:

    Hey Britni,
    I really enjoyed how you wrote about the differences between our coast and Florida’s. My favorite part of your post is the pictures and the mention of Florida’s lizard. I have only left California a handful of times in my life, but Florida has always been on my list. Because of your post, I researched the lizard you mentioned and it is a Frill-Necked Lizard, which is an invasive species from Australia and New Guinea.

  6. says:

    Britni, your images blew me away! They are absolutely gorgeous. I have never been to Florida, but hear so many good things about it, especially the warm waters. When is the last time you were able to visit?

  7. Ashley Allen says:

    Loved reading your post about Clearwater Beach. I really liked the way you described everything. I wonder what its like to swim in the water in Florida. Since you said the water is like bath water it sounds divine. This post now also has me curious what tv show your cousins family were on 🧐🤔

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