Avalon Beach, Catalina Island

For my final blog post of the year I decided to go snorkeling off the beach in Avalon on Catalina Island. Catalina is a great place to enjoy island life and explore the many beaches it has to offer. For this blog post I am going to be looking at Avalon beach through a biological lens. While I was under the water I was surrounded by a wide array of beautiful fish species.

My experience with the wildlife in Catalina started when I noticed something gliding across the water. At first I was unsure of what I was looking at, but then I realized it was a flying fish. I had never seen one in real life but it was a magnificent sight to see. The fact that this species of fish are able to glide through the air like a bird baffles me.

Once I was under the water I saw so many different fish I cannot even remember all the ones I saw. After doing some research I was able to find the two main fish I saw under the water. The first fish I noticed was the California Sheephead. They were all over the place. The California Sheephead ranges from Monteray Bay to the Gulf of California and are native to the Eastern Pacific Ocean.

The second fish I noticed was the Garibaldi. The Garibaldi is a beautiful orange fish who’s species surround Catalina Island in huge masses. They only live in the subtropical northeastern part of the Pacific ocean. One thing I noticed when I got a closer look at these fish is that some of them have blue spots that appear to glow. It was a beautiful sight to see and I would recommend this to everyone to try out.

Here is a video of my friends and I diving under water.

7 thoughts on “Avalon Beach, Catalina Island

  1. christopher eltiste says:

    Wow that sounds incredible, I would love to go snorkeling next to Catalina. I think being able to see all those different kinds of fish would be a magnificent sight to see. I surf so sometimes I get to experience being close to dolphins which is really cool.

  2. mackenzie.goodlett837@myci.csuci.edu says:

    This sounds like you had an amazing time! I have always wanted to go to Catalina Island but have never gotten the chance so I hope to go soon. Your video is also amazing I cant believe you were able to recognize those fish. The only place I have seen flying fish was when I went to Hawaii they are definitely incredible creatures.

  3. cody.maples778@myci.csuci.edu says:

    That sounds amazing! I’ve been out to Two Harbors in Catalina a handful of times and have had nothing but great experiences lobster diving, snorkeling, and exploring the island/beach.The Garabaldi most definitely stand out in the water considering their color and with clarity such as the Catalina’s it must have been a sight to see! If you explore the other side of the island there are plenty of beautiful coves and fishing spots to check out.

  4. Lewis Adnan says:

    Hello Michael,
    Your diving experience sounds like such a good time. I have wanted to go diving for years but have never found the time or money to do it.

  5. alexia.nevitt397@myci.csuci.edu says:

    My sister just went to Catalina island and did something very similar. I have never been to Catalina island, but want to so bad. It sounds like your trip was so much fun and the video is amazing. Looking under water gives you a whole different perspective of life and it is amazing what you can see. Great Post!

  6. summer.span170@myci.csuci.edu says:

    Great blog post Michael! I have seen so many pictures of Catalina Island and all of them have been so beautiful. Most definitely somewhere I wish to visit! I also enjoyed watching the video of you and your friends snorkeling. In the middle of all this COVID19 stuff going on its cool to see people enjoying themselves. Also great way of talking about the sea life that surrounds the Island can’t wait to go and experience it for myself.

  7. Cecilia Garcia says:

    Hi Michael! I agree, Catalina Island is amazing and has some great sea life and ecology. While paddle boarding there I saw a ray come up right under my board and I’ll never forget that! It is very cool to see how you were able to depict the type of fish that you saw! Did you see any marine mammals while you were over there?

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