Grover Beach, California

Grover Beach  Community-Oriented Holidays are approaching and the beach is still crowded with people traveling, and walking the beaches, but instead of bathing suits and shorts, we are wearing our warm jackets and pants. This last weekend my family and I decided to take a trip to Grover Beach, specifically Oceano Dunes, to take our […]


Neptune Square Park- Oxnard, CA

This beach is located in the Oxnard Shores area. This specific part of the Mandalay State Beach is called Neptune Square Park. We went earlier today around 2 as the sun was shining and there were only a handful of people. The only time this beach gets really crowded is during the summer, especially 4th […]


Coronado Central Beach

I will be viewing Coronado Central Beach from an educational and recreational lens. The beach is located off the west coast of the San Diego Bay. Coronado is technically an island. The island was created in the early 1940s from the dredging of San Diego Bay done to allow large ships used in World War […]


The Bluffs in Carpenteria

Before visiting the bluffs of Carpinteria, I went online to read up on the history and the dedicated perseverance of the natural elements within the bluffs. The Bluffs are known for their natural tar boils because it boils so close to the surface it is a natural occurrence to leave this beach with some area […]


San Buenaventura Beach

Lens: Economic/Recreation San Buenaventura Beach was a different beach experience for me. Arriving at the entrance to the beach, there is a $10 fee to enter. This may be normal for a lot of people, but I believe this was a first for me to pay this much for visiting the beach. Perhaps this fee […]