Miramar Beach

Miramar Beach in half-moon bay is a hometown beach for me. I grew up in marine county and then moved south down the coast and ended up in Half-moon bay. Half moon bay is a small surfer town that is also home to Mavericks and some other incredible beach spots. Miramar, however, is the beach […]


Hammonds Beach

Hammonds beach in Santa Barbara is a beautiful beach with a large stakeholder interests from the newly built Rosewood, Miramar Hotel. The beach has been lined with incredible small beach homes for years and recently the clear water and big pocket beach as caught the interest of the Rosewood signature hotels. Having visited the hotel […]


Close to Home

Close to home and to my heart is Santa Barbara‚Äôs Leadbetter beach. The beach ranges from the Santa Barbara Harbor north up toward shoreline park and is directly in front of Santa Barbara City College. Looking at the beach from a sand supply lens I noticed a couple of unique characteristics First I noticed the […]