The View From the Chumash Trail, Malibu

This photo was taken at the top of the Chumash Trail early in the morning around 7am. I could not help but to stop and gaze at the beautiful sight depicted in this photo. As you can see, Anacapa Island is dark but the sun is illuminating Santa Cruz Island. Unfortunately this photo does no […]


Thornhill Broome Beach

For this blog post I ventured out a bit further than before and found myself on a beach known as Thornhill Broome beach. This beach is located in beautiful Malibu California. Upon entering the beach one of the things you notice is that there is a booth you have to go through in order to actually […]


Harbor Cove

On Saturday, May 4th, I went to Harbor Cove with the lens of recreation. I chose this beach by coincidence, honestly. I was visiting the Channel Islands Visitors Center for a field trip in a different class, and when I left I saw an event going on at the beach nearby and I decided to […]