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Animals at Staircase Beach

Staircase beach is located near Neptune’s Net in between County Line and Leo Carrillo beach. I have been going to this beach for many years and it is my favorite location. Being a smaller spot less people choose to visit here compared to other locations. This creates a relaxing and quite environment good for activities […]


Port Hueneme Beach Park

Port Hueneme Beach Park is a beautiful vista of tropical Californian colors back-dropped over a beach speckled with sand dollars and a quaint, peaceful pier. There is a small food court area nearby popular with surfers, and houses all around the edges of the beach. It would almost seem like an idyllic paradise, were it […]


Wearing Away at Surfers’ Point

Welcome to my second blog post featuring the popular Surfers’ Point! I’m quite excited that this post will be centered around Surfers’ Point because it is by far one of my favorite coastal areas in Ventura County. Although I am not a surfer myself, I am aware of how sought after the C Street waves […]


Hueneme Beach Park

Hueneme Beach Park is a 50-acre coastal beach that offers a small fishing pier, picnic tables, and other opportunities for family fun and recreation. I’ve been finding myself in the neighborhood of this beach often lately for Capstone meetings, and since I’m not normally in the area, I had a great opportunity to enjoy this […]