Meet Katrina

I know many of you have written blog posts about Ormond Beach and are probably getting tired of hearing about this beach. However, one observation I noticed about this beach is that it has had a different impact on all of us. Whether it’s about the geological aspects, or ecological aspects, or helping out the […]


Escape to the Beach

It is that time of year again. The final stretch, the tests are piling on, the essays are almost due, plus it’s tax season. The stress adds on around this time. There are many things to do to relive stress, working out, eating, and watching Netflix, and so on. However, I find the best stress […]


Pierpont Beach

When I first moved to Ventura, California I was renting a room in a house near Ventura Community College. Without any friends or family for a couple of months, I felt pretty isolated and homesick. I remember being on social media and seeing my friends from Colorado having good times with their dorm roommates or […]